Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in   Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)

Testimonial from Mike Hudson (Instruction - Private Pilot)

"If there is one instructor who can train you to be a safe and proficient pilot, Kent is your man. He is friendly, flexible and will inspire you to do your best. No matter what skill level you feel that you have Kent will combine your love of flying with a practical approach to training. You will work hard and enjoy every minute of it. You will definitely pass your check ride under his tutelage. The sky is no limit with Kent by side, go forth and conquer." - Mike Hudson, Major U.S. Marines."

Mike Hudson with N2857P, a Piper Archer

Testimonial from William Wilcox (Instruction - Cirrus Transition Pilot and Instrument Rating)

"Kent and I spent many hours together while he helped me regain my confidence and competence as a pilot after a five year absence from flying while I was living abroad. In addition he helped me migrate from the Cessna 172’s that I had been flying to the Cirrus SR-20 that I am now flying. I appreciate his patience and knowledge of flying. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn or improve their flying skills."

William Wilcox with N215CP, a Cirrus SR20

Testimonial from Alexander Henderson (Instruction - Instrument Rating)

"Kent has a good balance of pushing and challenging you and then switching gears and realizing you need encouragement to finish off the training. At different parts in the training you will need both, and I probably wouldn't have finished as quickly as I did without Kent knowing when he had pushed enough and needed to become my cheerleader and get me through the final few days of training before my checkride. Also what I appreciated the most was the opportunity and push to do real IMC flying, I didn't want to be a pilot with an IFR ticket but hadn't experienced how the clouds really make you disorientated. I got everything I wanted from the training, knowing more about my aircraft and flying than I ever had before."

Alexander Henderson with N800WE, a Cessna 182

Testimonial from Robert Zenter (Instruction - Private Pilot's License)

"I felt that you truly prepared me in the right manner to get me to my goal of getting my license by the end of the summer. I did get a little close there but we were able to pull through and get it done! I look forward to working towards my IFR certificate possibly. Hopefully this wont be the end. Thanks again!"

Robert Zentner with N98436, a Cessna 172

Testimonial from Jon Kahn (Instruction - Private Pilot's license)

"Kent is a fantastic instructor and all around great guy. I would not be a pilot today without his encouragement and patience. Learning a new skill such as flying is often as much about the journey as the destination and I had many great hours flying around Northern California with Kent gaining both knowledge and experience. From my first solo to passing my check ride on the first try Kent was a pleasure to work with."

Jon Kahn with N21999, a Cessna 150

Testimonial from Amber Whitmill (Instruction - Private Pilot's license)

"Kent's enthusiasm and dedication to providing quality, personalized, and fun flight instruction was evident the first time I met him. Lessons with Kent were always enjoyable, and were always tailored to my specific needs. I hit a few plateaus during my training, and Kent found a way to work me through each one so I could continue progressing. Thanks to Kent's patience and support I went from knowing absolutely nothing about flying to passing my check-ride on the first try. Thank you, Kent, for helping me achieve a life-long dream."

Amber Whitmill with N98436, a Cessna 172

Testimonial from Damon L. Helmantoler (Instruction- Private Pilot's License)

I met Kent a few years ago through an aviation club. At the time I had not flown as pilot in command since 1992 after running afoul of an FAA regulation in 1991. The FAA decided I needed to retake and pass the private pilot written and flight tests.

I thought that I was too old to learn any new tricks, since I had first received my Private Pilot License in 1961 and many things had changed, especially the technology.

Kent is very patient and a great instructor. With his vast knowledge and sense of humor he was able to get me over my misgivings and mistakes. After 16 years of being earth bound, I now have my Private Pilot License reinstated and I am enjoying being aloft once again.

Damon Helmantoler with N52563, a Cessna 182